Our Curriculum

What curriculum do we follow?

At Mary Geary’s childcare we use the Aistear and Siolta framework to guide us through our play based curriculum. This curriculum is supported by theories and research, as well as through regular observations and assessment by staff at Mary Geary’s Childcare.

What do we do in our setting?

We believe play should be a huge part of a child’s learning to allow them to become confident competent individuals. We provide an environment that is rich in learning and creates opportunities for the children to grow, learn and develop into happy, confident and independent children. We provide activities and experiences that are child led, ensuring all children’s interests and abilities are catered for. We also strive to provide new experiences and learning for each child, we encourage learning by providing fun, playful activities which are age and stage appropriate. We provide an environment where children feel safe to explore, question and create adventures while they learn. Our classrooms provide a place where children can learn, grow and develop at their own pace. Importantly we provide a home away from home for each of our children, a place where they feel loved and cared for. 

Why do we do it?

Children who are afforded the right balance for learning become independent, confident and creative thinkers. They learn about actions and consequences and become masters of their own learning. They can carry these skills throughout their lives. If their curiosity is fed and nurtured it enables them to develop a love of learning. Children will feel that their opinions and ideas are valued and that they belong to a group. This in turn enhances children’s social and emotional development. We do it because we like the children to enjoy their time here by meeting their needs and challenging them when they crave it. We want to ensure the children are confident and competent in their own abilities and decisions, through encouragement and the scaffolding of their learning. We want each child to become independent and reach their full potential.

How do we do it?

We use Aistear and Siolta to plan activities with the aim to cover all learning goals within Aistear. We observe each child on an individual and group basis and we work closely as a team in each classroom to ensure each child’s individual needs and interests are accommodated while they are in our care. Children learn through play indoors and outdoors guided by their own interests and sense of curiosity with adult guidance and observations. Children explore and absorb their environment through opportunities provided to stimulate all 5 senses, both naturally and through the planned environment. Children learn through a combination of free play and structured activities, individual play and group play, creative play and quiet play. Children are encouraged to be aware of respecting each other, having boundaries and being responsible through interaction and play as well as discussions at circle time. Children learn as individuals and are encouraged to work at their own pace. Outdoor play is a huge part of our day here at Mary Geary’s Childcare. We are fortunate enough to have several different outdoor play areas in which to choose from that have varying materials and equipment. Each play area is widely accessible for all groups in our setting. These areas promote children’s development in many ways and encourage exploring and thinking in diverse ways.

The words we use to describe our curriculum

Play based Child led based on their interests
Age and stage appropriate
Structured, yet flexible
Child focused
Free choice
Enriched environment

Staff Characteristics

Here in Mary Geary’s Childcare we have highly qualified and experienced Early Years Teachers who work closely as a team, aiming to provide an exceptional standard of care, offering as much as possible to the children in our care. We also welcome students and those seeking to gain experience in the early year’s sector, these people are highly valued and provide extra help (not included in staff/child ratios) to permanent staff. Between us we offer varied characteristics and skills which include: